This command will allow you to override the fog settings of the map if set to 1. Default is 0 (meaning you will by default use the map's fog settings).


fog_override [0 / 1]


0 / 1 Enter 0 (default) to NOT override the map's fog settings. Enter 1 to override the map's fog settings.

Related commands:

This command sets the color of fog, if enabled. The value provided should be an RGB value (separated by spaces).
This command sets the color of the fog skybox, if fog is enabled. An RGB value separated with spaces should be provided.
This command enables fog if set to 1. Note that you will need to set fog_override to 1 if your map's settings disable fog.
This command enables water fog if set to 1. If set to 0, water fog will be disabled. Note that you need to override your map's fog settings with fog_override 1.
This command will enable (1, default) whether or not fog should be applied to the skybox.
This command will set the "end" of the fog in relation to your player. Higher numbers will make the fog more distant. -1 will set to default. Fog will be shown in the distance between fog_start's value and this value.
This command will set how far you can see into the sky before fog appears.
This command sets the fog's HDR color scale. Specify a decimal value between 0 and 1.