NB! It seems this console command is not compatible with CS2.




This command activates the ALT1 (left ALT) key on your keyboard (the same as holding down the ALT key). Use -alt1 to deactivate.



Related commands

This command will deactivate the alt1 key, which is usually activated with the +alt1 command.
This command will prompt you to perform the "use" action on an item or object if its applicable. For example, this command will make you plant the bomb if you're on a bombsite carrying the bomb when you use it. It can also open doors if you're in front of one. It acts in a similar way to the E key on a default keyboard setup. Use the -use command afterwards, as otherwise you will not be able to use this command again.
If you have previously used the +use command, you must run this command after (to deactivate it), so that you can use the +use command again.
This command will make make your AWP, or any other weapon with a scope (e.g. scout) scope in. The weapon will continue to be scoped in/out until the command -zoom is used. The command may activate the "zoom" feature of other weapons like the stab of a knife or the burst fire switch of the glock.
This command hides the CS:GO scoreboard if you brought it up with a command like +score.
This command activates the ALT2 (right ALT) key on your keyboard (the same as holding down the ALT key). Use -alt2 to deactivate.
This console command causes you to attack repeatedly. Use the command -attack to stop this. If you have a gun equipped while using this command it will make you fire until you need to reload.
This command will activate your secondary attack repeatedly. To stop this, use the -attack2 command. For example, this command makes you scope in with an AWP, or stab if you have your knife out.