This command sets whether or not your crosshair shows when you have your knife equipped. Only makes a change for crosshair styles that hide your crosshair when holding a knife.


weapon_reticle_knife_show [0 / 1]


0 / 1 Set to 0 to not show crosshair when holding knife. Set to 1 to show crosshair when holding knife.

Related commands:

This command, if enabled (set to 1), will disable weapon inaccuracy spread, meaing weapons will be 100% accurate at any distance. Default is disabled (1).
This command can be used to enable the display of weapon accuracy. See argument information for help.
This command sets the amount of time, in seconds, that it takes for recoil to recover in between shots. After this amount of time, recoil will be reset to the same as it is when you shoot your first bullet. If set to 0, you can continuously tap without having any recoil.
This command sets the decay factor exponent for weapon recoil. Default is 3.5.
This command sets the decay factor exponent for weapon recoil. Default is 8.
This command sets the linear term decay factor exponent for weapon recoil. Default is 18.
This command sets the scale factor for recoil - i.e. the higher this number is, the bigger recoil will be.
We tested this command and found that it may not work at all or as intended. This command sets the "initial recoil suppression factor". This factor sets how much the first shot (or the amount of shots set by weapon_recoil_suppression_factor) of a gun has its recoil supressed for. If you set this to 0, there would be no recoil after the first shot of guns (but shots after that would be normal recoil). With this at 0.5, the first shot of a gun would have 50% of its normal recoil.