NB! It seems this console command is not compatible with CS2.




This command would print out the CPU timer's jitter for the last 128 frames.



Related commands

This command only works on dedicated servers. It will time the amount of time that was spent idle in the previous frame (ms).
This command will set the memory theshold for the which host should flush caches between server instances. When below this value, the caches will be flushed.
This command will change the "frame rate" of the host (server). Lower numbers will mean time passes faster, higher numbers will mean time passes slower. Set to 0 to disable.
This command can be used to change the amount of information that is shown when your server is queried (e.g. by server lists, the community server browser, etc). See argument information for options. 1 is the default setting for this command.
This command will print to console the name of the map you are currently playing on. This can also be used to change the "host_map" that appears in server queries if you provide a map name as an argument.
This command will set whether or not the server's hostname is recorded in game events and on GOTV (demos and live).
This command will set how the playercount is disclosed when your server is queried. See argument information for options.
This command will reset your host's config. NOTE: You cannot undo the effect of this command, so make sure to save your host's config before using this.